Study program / study programs: E-BUSINESS

ECTS credits: 3

Professional practice objective

The objective is the acquisition of concrete knowledge and skills in the fields of e-business for solving problems in real conditions of doing business in a changeable environment, as well as the reduction of the time of adjusting the acquired theoretical and practical educational content to the needs of business (engineering in IT, e-business and applied informatics). Ideally, the student attends practice in an organisation where they can cover several different segments of e-business, such as user requirement analysis, consulting, computer networks, systems administration, doing business using business software packages, etc.

Expected outcomes

The student is acquainted with certain production procedures, technologies, documentations, and able to independently and creatively realize an e-business project.

Professional practice content

Practical classes: Systematic following of IT-based work process in e-business

Observing the realization on a computer

Design and realization of simple tasks

Observing the realization of the task – project in real work conditions

Methods of implementation

For students who are employed and work on positions in IT in e-business:

In this case, the student must be the organization’s employee for more than one month.

The student provides written confirmation of employment, stating the work position, with a short job description and information of the period of employment. The confirmation must be signed by a responsible person and certified by the organization’s stamp. This confirmation must not be issued earlier than one month ago.

For students who are unemployed or do not work at IT positions:

Establishing communication with the organization where the practice will take place.

In agreement with the organization, a signed and sealed decision is obtained from the organization naming a mentor for the practice, issued by the organization where the practice will take place.

The student keeps a practice log, recording daily activities in the course of practice. The mentor is obliged to write an opinion on the effect of practice on the student’s development and fax or post the document to the Information Technology School.

The student delivers the practice log with all daily records of practice activities, signed and stamped as needed.

In both cases: based on the supplied documentation, the teacher determines whether the student has met all the requirements and, in case of a positive outcome., signs the student book and the application that the practice requirements have been met. Otherwise, the teacher advises the student regarding the completion of the practice.