Study program / study programs: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

Type and level of studies: Applied master’s studies

Subject: Master’s Project

Status: compulsory

ECTS credits: 15

Course objective

The goal of the master’s project to combine, confirm and implement the knowledge gained in the master’s program. The students have the opportunity to demonstrate the ability to complete a research-based project. They also acquire academic writing and presentation experience.

Course outcome

The ability to run a project, formulate and analyze problems, critically assess potential solutions, and provide an overview of references. Applying engineering and design skills in problems solving, while taking into account the complexity, expenses, reliability and efficiency of the solution. Ability to write a thesis in the required form. Ability to explain the project through thesis presentation.

Course content

Theoretical classes

The master’s project is completed in an IT company and is a student’s research-based paper in which they explore a specific area through references and acquire the research and design methodology necessary for the development of the thesis. In the thesis, the students apply the practical and theoretical knowledge acquired during their studies. The written project contains an introduction, problem definition, and overview of the areas and potential solutions, a proposal and description of the solution, a conclusion and the references. The project is publicly presented in front of a committee comprising at least three members, two of whom are the mentor and a representative from the company in which the thesis was completed. During the presentation, the candidate demonstrates the ability to present their project by conveying the results of their work and answering questions from the committee members.

Practical classes