Study program / study programs: INFORMATION SYSTEMS

Type and level of studies: Undergraduate applied studies


Status: Elective

ECTS credits: 7

Course objective

The objective of this course is the adoption of knowledge of the human resource concept relating to establishing employee relations and managing their performance and development, in all phases of the management process, for the purposes of future professional application.

Course outcome

The students will learn about the goal of HR management, its dimensions, what models are used and are the factual that influence HR management, the elements of the HR management process, the characteristics of HR planning, the forms and phases of employment, the importance of employee education and training, the forms of employment termination, the elements of an employment contract. The students will learn how to plan human resources, how to perform an analysis of employees’ professional and educational profile, how HR requirements are determined, what activities are involved in the employment process. They will become familiar with the forms of employment, the elements of an employment contract, the phases of the induction of new hires into the work process, the key aspects of the employee training process, the methods and techniques of performance appraisal, the fundamentals of occupational health and safety, the types and forms of employment termination, the rights and obligations of employees and employers in accordance with the current regulations in this area.

Course content

  Theoretical classes

  • The basic concepts of organization and human resource management
  • The concept of human resources in management
  • Managerial vision, strategy and policy
  • Managerial methods
  • Managerial decision making styles
  • Job design
  • HR planning
  • Talent acquisition and selection
  • Introducing the employee into the organization, work group and job
  • Employee motivation by goals and achievements
  • Employee education and knowledge innovation
  • Worker performance appraisal system
  • Personal career development and promotion of employees
  • Teams in organizational structure
  • Participative management in business systems
  • Goals, tasks and principles of HR information systems
  • Information models and content in HR
  • Human resource reports and managerial reports
  • Building an HR information system
  • Process approach as the basis for HR management organization
  • The tasks of an HR organizational unit
  • Organizing an HR unit
  • The scope of an HR organizational unit
  • Designing an HR management organization