Study program: E-BUSINESS

ECTS credits: 7

Conditions: All the required exams from the study program passed

Final project objectives

Preparing the students for independent work, leading the student through project realization from idea to implementation and the final confirmation of the student’s competencies in the areas of e-business.

The target group are the students who have passed all the exams from the preceding semesters.

Expected outcomes

The final project is an expert work by a student where the student becomes acquainted with the methodology of work on solving a problem from the realm of e-business.

Content overview

Upon the publication of the expert work, the student prepares a final project in a form that ecompasses all aspects of e-business, including the required chapters: introduction process description, logical and physical organization of data, input-output aspect, communication part, documentation, the aspects of innovation, resources., the practical part, discussion on results and application, concluding remarks and bibliography overview.

Work methods

The students submit an application document to the student services, whence it is forwarded to the mentor, the teacher who covers the student’s area of interest, if the student meets all the requirements. The mentor is obliged to consider the proposal and define the topic of the work within the determined time. The topic proposal should contain the name and a short description of the topic.

The student works on the project with periodic consultations with the mentor. With the entor’s approval, the student submits four copies of the completed work (on in hardcover) to the student services, no later than seven days prior to defense.

The commission comprises three members, including the subject teacher – mentor. The defense of the work (project) is public. The student defends the work in front of the commission, with minutes of the defense signed by the commission members. The commission reaches a decision as to whether the student has successfully defended the final project and assigns it a grade 5 through 10, according to the determined procedure and using appropriate forms.

Grade (maximum number of points: 100)

The evaluation of the final project is initially performed by the mentor. When the student finishes the paper, it is defended in front of the commission, which performs an evaluation of the quality of the work and the student’s coimpetences in direct conversation with the student during a publicly held defense of the final project.