Studijski program / study programs: INFORMATION SYSTEMS

Type and level of studies: Undergraduate applied studies


Status: Elective

ECTS credits: 8

Course objective

The course has been designed to ensure that the students acquire comprehensive knowledge of entrepreneurship and small and medium-size company management, through covering all relevant questions – from creating an entrepreneurial idea through creating a business plan and founding the company to managing its current business activities, growth, development and networking.

Course outcome

The students will learn the fundamentals of different theories of entrepreneurship, the characteristics of entrepreneurial behavior, the differences between an entrepreneur and a manager, the qualities of an entrepreneur, the types of entrepreneurial skills, the importance of creating an entrepreneurial network, the types of entrepreneurial strategies, the elements of the entrepreneurial process, the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur. They will learn how to perform the ranking and selection of business options, about the characteristics of a franchise, the forms of ownership of an entrepreneurial business, the ways to provide the means necessary for starting an enterprise, the legal forms of entrepreneurial undertaking and companies, how to organize the control and management of an entreprise, the purpose of methodology of making a business plan, the characteristics and creation of marketing and financial plans.

Course content

  Theoretical classes:

  • Entrepreneurship (concept and development)
  • Entrepreneur (concept, characteristics, roles)
  • Entrepreneurial process (creating a business idea, necessary resources)
  • Business plan (concept, characteristics, form and content, the major components of a business plan, the procedure of making a business plan)
  • Small and medium-sized companies (concept,importance, differentiation, characteristics, organizational forms)
  • Creating a small or medium-sized company (entry strategies)
  • Family business
  • Managing a small or medium-sized company (planning, organizing, human potential management, leadership and control)
  • Managing the growth, development and networking of a small or medium-sized company (growth and development phases, growth crises and their resolution)
  • Exit strategies