Study program/study programs: Information Technologies

Study type and level: Master’s applied studies  

Course title: Entrepreneurship and Information Technologies

Course status: compulsory


Course objectives

Helping students to acquire knowledge of the basic concepts in entrepreneurship, to master and adopt all the individual aspects of commercializing a tech idea, primarily a software or hardware product, or an IT service, and to gain experience in forming a business plan and planning costs for a business venture in the field of information technologies.

Course outcomes

After completing this course, students will be able to assess a tech idea, research business possibilities and form a business plan to transform a business idea into a sustainable IT business venture.

Course content

  Theoretical classes

  • Entrepreneurship – from idea to sustainable business
  • Evaluating a tech idea
  • Market research
  • Possibilities of commercialization of a tech idea – business models and approaches – start-up, licensing, intellectual property protection
  • Business plan – importance and structure
  • Analysis of alternatives, multi-criteria analysis
  • Estimation of IT products and IT services – quantitative models
  • Securing funding
  • Statistical decision theory
  • Leadership in high-tech entrepreneurship


  • Practical classes
  • Forming a presentation idea: investment, sales, management
  • Discussing ideas. Market research and evaluation of business possibilities
  • Feasibility analysis. SWOT analysis, analysis of alternatives
  • Project cost estimation, product life cycle, service life cycle – quantitative models
  • Costs, revenues, margin analysis
  • Business plan – forming a business plan for a proposed idea and business model.