Study program: E-BUSINESS


Status: Compulsory

ECTS credits: 8


Course objective

The objective of this course is introducing the students to the concept and importance of electronic=c services, as well as with the possible technological realizations. The students will learn about the theoretical basis and concrete solutions from the following e-services: supply chain management, e-marketing, e-governance, e-healthcare, e-learning, customer relationship management.

Course outcome

The students will gain functional knowledge of the possibilities of using electronic services in different business domains. Through practical examples, the students will be introduced to the mechanism of supply chain management, as well as the possibilities of using RFID technology in this domain.

The students will learn about the elements and key functionalities of an ERP system, e-learning system; the ways in which virtual reality, social networks and cloud computing technology can be used in the education process, the functionalities of the SugarCRM software solution for customer relationship management, the ways of realizing an email marketing campaign using customer relationship management systems, the models and forms of e-commerce, the elements and methodology of creating a business plan, the fundamentals, implementation and services of e-governance, electronic documents, electronic signature.

Using the WordPress content management system (CMS) as an example, the students will acquire the knowledge required for the independent creation and publishing of content through web presentations.

Healthcare information systems, their implementation and importance, as well as concrete software solutions in this domain are covered in detail.

Course content

  Theoretical classes

  • The concept of e-service; development and dependency on technology
  • The concept of strategy of introduction and realization of e-services
  • Supply chain management
  • Concept, characteristics and technological realization
  • Supply chain models
  • Using e-business methods and techniques in chain supply restructuring
  • E-marketing: concept, definition and application
  • Operation planning
  • Business strategy analysis, defining goals, strategies and tactics
  • The concept of brand, new media and the role of IT
  • E-governance
  • The concept, objectives, role and technological solutions
  • E-healthcare
  • Definition, elements, technological solutions
  • The concept of telemedicine
  • E-learning
  • Classification, goals, technological solutions
  • Role in society
  • Customer relationship management
  • Concept, role, connection with marketing
  • The concept of conversion
  • The online purchasing process
  • Gaining customers’ trust and keeping their trust
  • Service quality
  • Expanding the client base
  • Technological solutions for customer relationship management

  Practical classes

  • Lab exercises
  • Discussions
  • Case studies
  • Group work
  • Workshop method