Study program / study programs: INFORMATION SYSTEMS

Type and level of studies: Undergraduate applied studies


Status: Elective

Broj ESPB: 8


Course objective

Mastering the theoretical basis and becoming acquainted with the technological realizations of e-commerce. The application of IT in designing and managing the exploitation of e-commerce systems. Understanding the subject matter and importance of online payment systems as infrastructural support to e-commerce.

Course outcome

The students will learn about the advantages of e-commerce, the relationship between electronic and traditional commerce, the fundamentals of EDI, the limitations of e-commerce, the basics of storefront model of e-commerce, the process of realization of the auction model of e-commerce, the basics of e-collaboration, the role of payment systems in e-business, the forms of electronic money transfer, The students will learn how to integrate different payment systems into an e-store, the fundamentals of Visa Visa 3D Secure model, how NFC payments are realized, what is implied by desired user action, the main characteristics of sales-oriented web design, how to define an organization’s internet presence and which accompanying documents are involved. They will understand the role and importance of testing a website for e-commerce, the factors that affect the choice of a CMS system, the factors that determine success in online business, the tasks of online strategy.

Course content

Theoretical classes:

  • The penetration of digital technologies and their influence on society and business
  • The place of e-commerce in e-business
  • E-commerce environment
  • The market context of e-commerce
  • E-commerce models, channels and intermediaries
  • Portals
  • Place of commerce
  • Commercial arrangements
  • Auctions
  • E-commerce business models
  • Revenue models on the Internet
  • Business on the Internet
  • Electronic point of sale (EPOS) models
  • Collecting payments
  • Privacy