Study program: E-BUSINESS


Status: Elective

ECTS credits: 8

Course objective

The objective of this course is to prepare the students to face the unsecure environment where e-business systems are designed and operate. The students will learn about the theoretical basis of protection, protection policies, the techniques and methods of system protection and the specific aspects of e-business protection.

Course outcome

The students will learn about the legal and ethical aspects of protection, the types of identity theft, the approaches to the realization of copyright protection, types of abuse in IT, biometric protective measures, parametric protection, protection from electromagnetic radiation, the characteristics of password protection, the role of cryptography in the IS protection process, the use of Cryptool. The students will learn about the characteristics of Software Reverse Engineering, hybrid cryptosystems, the types and methods of antivirus protection, the role of biometric chip in biometric document, safety requirements in Android OS, the prerequisites of intrusion detection systems – IDS, IPS systems, the basics of digital forensics, the methods for safe data removal, digital crime scene and how it relates to a physical crime scene, the techniques and tools of digital forensics.

Course content

  Theoretical classes

  • Basic concepts and definitions. Resource, data, information. The principles of computer system protection. Protection policies. Layered protection. Threats, risks, reactions. Preparations for disaster and post-disaster period. The business continuity principle.
  • Fundamentals of cryptography. The concept of password. Traditional cryptography, substitution method. Asymmetric cryptographic methods. Systems based on public and private keys. Key exchange.
    Access control and network barriers
  • Malware and protection
  • Database security
  • Digital signature and digital certificates
  • Security in commerce. Risks, threats, solutions and standards
  • Wireless network security

Practical classes

  • Lab exercises