Study program: E-BUSINESS


Status: Mandatory

ECTS credits: 7

Course objective

The objective of the course E-Business Legislation is to enable students to understand and implement the legal regulations regarding e-business. The students will learn everything about creating electronic contracts, electronic payments, patents and intellectual property rights, copyright protection and client data protection.

Course outcome

The students will be introduced to the basics of business law, the fundamental provisions of trade law, e-commerce law, the concept and content of electronic contracts, the forms of intellectual property, high-tech crime scenarios, the issues concerning competition in e-business, the issues concerning the exchange of private informations on social networks, the exchange of private information in e-commerce, data protection in online advertising, the concepts of electronic certificate, electronic document and electronic signature, certification bodies in Serbia, the protection of children on the Internet, the issues concerning security in electronic transactions. An important segment of teaching at this course is dedicated to the practical resolution of case studies from the realm of e-business law, whereby the students will acquire applicable practicable knowledge from this area.

Course content

Theoretical classes

  • E-business and legal regulations
  • Creating electronic contracts
  • The range of electronic contracts
  • Electronic payments (natural and legal persons)
  • Patent regulations
  • Intellectual property regulations
  • Domain names and trademark protection
  • Copyright
  • Software licensing
  • Privacy and data collection
  • Digital signature
  • Computer crime
  • Taxes in e-business
  • Electronic records
  • Client data protection