Study program / study programs: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

Type and level of studies: Applied master’s studies

Subject: Data Mining

Status: elective

ECTS credits: 8


Course objective

The students learn about web document and unstructured data analysis. They should also adopt and apply web mining technologies.

Course outcome

After completing the course, the students will have theoretical and practical knowledge that will help them in the analysis, classification and clustering of web documents. In addition, they will have mastered the basic techniques and tools for web structure and web access analysis.

Course content

Theoretical classes

  • Introduction to Web Mining
  • Web document features
  • Web Mining versus Data Mining
  • Techniques for analyzing the content of web documents
  • Extracting useful information from web documents and services
  • Identifying document topics and ranking information in a document
  • Document classification and clustering
  • Web structure analysis, document ranking
  • Web mining uses
  • Web content mining
  • Web mining structures
  • Measuring website effectiveness
  • Web access analysis
  • Identifying user behavior patterns
  • Web visualization
  • Marketing web campaign evaluation

Practical classes

  • Exercises
  • Basic web mining tools and their application
  • Document classification tools
  • Log file structure and log analysis tools