Study program: E-BUSINESS


Status: compulsory

ECTS credits: 8

Course objective

The objective of this course is to prepare students for the independent use of mathematical and statistical methods in market and consumer behavior research and the preparation and analysis of marketing campaigns on the internet.

Course outcome

The students will have gained the understanding of theoretical basis for the theoretical basis for the required methods of descriptive statistics, conclusive research, as well as the advanced techniques of big data analysis. The students will be prepared for the practical use of application software used for the implementation of theoretical knowledge, as well as prepared for the interpretation of results in the e-business sphere.

Course content

Theoretical classes

  • Data collection
  • Graphical representation of data
  • Measures of central tendency and dispersion
  • Statistical distributions, fundamentals of probability
  • Sample and parameter evaluation 
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Regression analysis and correlation analysis
  • Variance analysis
  • Time series analysis
  • The concept of knowledge discovery in large data sets
  • Multiple regression
  • Principal component method
  • Cluster method
  • Implementation in marketing

Practical classes

  • SPSS software as a statistical tool
  • Microsoft Excel as a statistical tool
  • Internet user behavior analysis
  • Log file analysis