Study program / study programs: INFORMATION SYSTEMS

Type and level of studies: Undergraduate applied studies


Status: Mandatory

ECTS credits: 7

Course objective

The objective of course activity on the subject of Business Communication and Negotiation is the professional education and training of specialists for business negotiation, innovating their knowledge and practical experience in the implementation of skills and abilities that contribute to the development of good relationships with all public target groups in IT, according to the world’s top standards.

Course outcome

The students will understand the mental principles of communication as an interpersonal process, perceive and understand the main reasons for the numerous misconceptions regarding the definition of interpersonal communication, understand the basic principles of verbal and nonverbal communication. The students will learn the essence of the business communication process through identifying the participants, content, channels and time dynamics, understand the main principles of building a good relationship between partners in business communication, be able to differentiate between different types of business communication and recognize the occasions on which it is appropriate to implement an adequate technique, acquire skills that will enable them to follow the circular flow of a message in business communication and plan their reactions to different professional situations, develop skills in the research area of PR, acquire knowledge in HR planning and HR plan realization and crisis PR, acquire knowledge in skills in presenting as a form of business communication, develop the skills useful for creating slides and the general organization of images for a computer presentation, develop public speaking skills through concrete examples, perceive the importance of research regarding public presentation, master the key skills in the preparation of the negotiation process, learn what knowledge and skills a good negotiator needs to possess, become acquainted with the typology of negotiators, learn how to use verbal and noverbal messages to create the prerequisites for the realization of win-win strategy, learn how and when to exert pressure in communication, learn what types of research are adequate for internal PR, know how motivators work in a professional relationship between the management and the employees, and how and why business meetings are organized.

Course content

Theoretical classes

  • communicology, the way of conveying a message, communication skill, verbal communication
  • the characteristics of a style of expression, the basic forms of conveying messages, shaping the verbal process
  • achieving creativity in speech, verbal content, interpretation
  • how to become a good speaker
  • nonverbal communication, directing one’s look, facial expression
  • listening, moving one’s arms, posture
  • the arrangement of groups in space
  • public relations
  • internal and external flow of information
  • business meeting, business meeting model, presentation
  • scenario, presentation strategy
  • visual means sredstva, writing, overhead projector, slides, computer, video, film
  • panel discussion, round table
  • personal sales, conferencije, conference model
  • negotiation, leadership, successful leader,
  • media appearance techniques and methods
  • the language of radio and television, radio and television appearance techniques
  • interview, debate, contacts with the press, promotional activities
  • business etiquette, introduction to etiquette, behavior – manners,
  • addressing – titles, greetings, business protocol
  • business morality, clothing, special event organization, table manners, presents
  • observing special dates, business trips, relationship with foreigners, using the phone, mobile telephony
  • business correspondence, email
  • how to write a CV; applying for a position
  • NEGOTIATION, preparations for the negotiation process,
  • the characteristics of a good negotiator, choosing the topics of negotiation
  • prejudice in the negotiation process, the types of negotiators – psychological types, effect on other person’s behavior
  • the techniques of achieving compromise and win-win strategy