Study program/study programs: Information Technologies

Study type and level: Master’s applied studies

Course title: Applied Research 1

Course status: compulsory


Course objectives

Students will apply the basic theoretical-methodological, scientific-professional, and professional-applicative knowledge and methods to solve specific problems as part of applied research.

Course outcomes

Students are expected to independently apply the acquired knowledge of different areas of information technologies in order to analyze the structure of given problems and perform a systematic analysis aimed at drawing conclusions about possible directions for their resolution.

Through independent use of literature and laboratory work, students will expand their knowledge by studying different methods for solving similar problems. This way, they will develop the ability to conduct analysis and identify problems in the field of information technologies.

Course content

Theoretical classes

Theoretical classes are organized in line with the needs of the first and second group of elective courses in master’s applied studies, their complexity and structure. Students choose the field of study, and a course teacher from the teacher roster who will define a specific study task in accordance with their aptitude and preferences. Students will learn to independently obtain scientific and professional information from various sources. They will gain awareness of the reliability of scientific and professional information. The course places special emphasis on the use of literature, bibliographic databases, and research methods. Applied research project includes: active monitoring of preliminary findings, organization and supervised research, statistical data processing, task realization in the laboratory, writing a seminar paper in the narrow scientific field which includes the topic of independent research. 


Practical classes are organized with regard to the chosen narrow scientific field which includes the topic of independent research, and in accordance with the defined task. Students will participate in the realization of different laboratory tasks, write a seminar paper, participate in seminars, panel discussions and other activities where they can present the results of the their work.