LINK group, the founder of the Information Technology School, is an accredited training and testing center authorized to issue various internationally recognized certificates. It is also a part of many IT societies and organizations. This allows ITS students to always be informed about the current state of the IT field, to participate in events such as conferences, seminars and trainings, and to follow the latest technologies and information.

LINK group is a Cambridge International School authorized by one of the greatest universities in the world, Cambridge, to test for and issue the Cambridge International certificates, and provide training in preparation thereof. This way, LINK group once again confirms the value and quality of its IT and business curricula.

logoCambridge310x100Cambridge International certification represents a range of professional qualifications designed for people who want to improve their careers or educational levels. This diploma guarantees the employer that the candidate possesses the highest level of professional competence and provides the candidate with a competitive advantage on the job market. The certificates focus on a number of areas crucial for specific jobs, including ICT, business and management. They are available on various levels and they are compatible with different age groups and backgrounds. The Cambridge International certificate ensures the best possible framework for personal and professional development, providing official recognition and certification of the acquired skills. The Cambridge International certificates are recognized by professional bodies, employers and universities worldwide. Success in certificate acquisition can also facilitate the journey to higher levels of professional qualifications.

kriloadobeauthorised_training_centre_badge_-_ie (1)Adobe Systems is the global leader in design and multimedia software. Therefore, their qualifications represent the leading IT titles for designers who work with computers. These titles are fully recognized in Serbia. As an accredited Adobe Authorized Training Center, ITS is one of the few educational institutions whose students follow lectures coordinated with the Adobe program and use the latest Adobe software.
Education at ITS gives the students the option of sitting for an Adobe qualification at no cost, and acquire valuable certification recognized around the world as guaranteeing expert knowledge of the Adobe suite.

microsoftITacademyMemberITS is a member of the Microsoft IT Academy Program. ITS students have higher employment chances with the help of the modern IT courses that will prepare them for successful IT careers. The teaching and non-teaching staff at ITS has the opportunity to perfect their knowledge and develop their professional skills using the resources, online courses and software solutions for certification. The Microsoft IT Academy Program has two membership levels: basic and advanced. ITS is a member of the advanced level with the following advantages: unlimited access to e-learning materials based on MS technologies (Windows Server, Windows Client, SQL Server, Visual Studio, etc.), ability to manage and adjust the content of online courses according to ITS students, academic prices for the official Microsoft academic courses, academic prices for the Microsoft certification, MSDN Academic Alliance (MSDN AA), etc.

emcThe fact that LINK group is a MICROSOFT PARTNER speaks volumes about our competence and our quality of service in the IT field. Microsoft Partner status represents the highest competence and expertise level in regards to Microsoft technologies and it is the closest business relation with the Microsoft company. The Microsoft Partner program allows the teachers and students at ITS to use the latest information, technical support, technical data, all available MS software programs, Beta versions; it enables them to visit IT fairs and forums, participate in new product presentations…

MT-200x65ITS is an accredited MikroTik training center, which provides the students with an opportunity to acquire recognizable certificates in the fields of network management and configuration on MikroTik’s operating system RouterOS.

zend_training_partnerLINK group is one of the few Zend Training centers in the world, authorized to train and issue Zend certificates that represent the industrial standard for PHP certification. The exams specified by a board of top, neutral PHP experts and community from around the world ensure the acclaim of the certificate and provide a clear advantage to certified Zend PHP engineers.

ECDL111European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is designed and supervised by the ECDL Foundation (ECDL-F). The European Computer Driving Licence Foundation was established in order to coordinate the adoption and the functioning of the ECDL concepts in Europe. ECDL foundation only gives permissions to organizations that meet all the required criteria.

pks[2]LINK group is a member of Education Center in the Information Society of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia and it is the first certified training and testing center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia.

EDENLINK group is a member of the European association EDEN (European Distance and E-learning Network), founded in 1991 with the goal to develop and perfect the distance learning principles. LINK group’s membership in EDEN guarantees high-quality programs in education, since the association covers all levels of formal and informal education and training, professional and general. The association is also open to educational and research institutions, companies, associations and other bodies.

LINK group is a member of the Board of Directors of the Workers’, People’s and Open Universities Business Association of Serbia.

BKrilceEmphasizing the importance of the English language in the business world that covers a wide international field of possibilities, we decided to cooperate with the British Council, the leading international organization from Great Britain that deals with the education and the cultural ties with countries around the world. As a British Council Preparation Centre, we can offer our students the Cambridge ESOL exams – FCE and BCE English Certificate, whose diplomas and certificates represent top qualifications regarding the use of the English language.

FCE1_Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) Based on the partnership with the British Council, ITS has provided its students with a preparatory course with the goal of acquiring the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE), the most commonly taken Cambridge exam.
This exam is not a part of the mandatory curriculum, but an options students can choose.
FCE represents the medium level of English language competence and it includes the acquiring of all language skills: reading, writing, understanding, conversational skills and the use of English in everyday life. This is why the exam can only be taken by the students that completed the English Upper Intermediate Level.
Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) is recognized by thousands of companies, academic institutions, universities and colleges, expert bodies, ministries and governmental bodies around the world.

BEC1_Business English Certificate Vantage (BEC Vantage) Studenti ITS-a mogu da izaberu da li žele da steknu gorepomenuti FCE sertifikat ili Business English Certificate Vantage (BEC Vantage)
ITS students can decide whether they want to acquire the aforementioned FCE certificate or the Business English Certificate Vantage (BEC Vantage), which requires an approximately equal level of English language competence and is equally recognized in the business world. ITS provides the preparation for the BEC Vantage exam based on the partnership with the British Council.

English is the dominant language in the communication in the contemporary business world and that is why the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations introduced expert exams to test the students’ knowledge of the English language. The BEC Vantage certificate is valued because it confirms the knowledge of the English language for business purposes and the ability to communicate with foreign business partners in written or oral form.

The conditions for taking these exams are the same as the conditions for the FCE exam, which means that it can only be taken by the students that completed the English Upper Intermediate Level. This exam is not a part of the regular study plan and program and students can take it optionally.