Rajko Radosavljević is both academically and professionally engaged in multimedia design, animation, illustration, painting, video, audio and web production and photography.

He graduated and acquired his Master’s degree at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade at the Department of Applied Graphics – Illustration.

He completed a four-year program at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, New Jersey, USA, Academics Media Arts & Animations, acquiring the title of Bachelor of Science Media Arts and Animations.

His works have been displayed at contemporary art exhibitions in Belgrade, Thessaloniki and Philadelphia. In addition, his artistic performances, installations and video materials have been shown at festivals in Novi Sad – EXIT and Timisoara – Revolution, in the central square in Valjevo and in Stara ciglana (Old Brickyard) in Belgrade.

His works displayed at the exhibition of best students of the Art Institute of Philadelphia – 2003, solo exhibition in the gallery of the Belgrade’s Student Cultural Center in 2015 and at the contemporary art exhibition in the State Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki in 2016, where he was invited as a guest of honor, deserve a special mention due to their artistic value.