Predrag Alargić has years of experience in projecting network infrastructure, finding security oversights in IT systems and implementing security mechanisms, as well as in active maintenance of small and medium IT systems, solving hardware and software problems, writing and leading procedures and projects regarding computer and security systems, installing and maintaining computer systems, implementing business software and applications, their maintenance and establishing security mechanisms.

He graduated from the Faculty of Entrepreneurial Management in Novi Sad, Alfa University, and he acquired the title of Management engineer at the Faculty of Technical sciences at the University of Novi Sad. He acquired experience in companies ‘Cyber communication’ and ‘IMPULS mobile’ Vrbas. He has been working in education since 2010, when he was hired by the Faculty of Entrepreneurial Management in Novi Sad, and later on by the Faculty of Legal and Business Studies in Novi Sad as associate-assistant for IT subjects.

He completed more than 20 projects in the field of data protection in e-business and protection of IT systems. He is the author of a number of scientific works regarding the increase of safety in the IT sector, cloud computing and digital forensics.