He was born in Belgrade, Serbia, and went to primary and secondary school in his hometown. He graduated from University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Automatics, Automatics Course in 2009, after completing a five-year study program. With the passing of the Law on Higher Education in 2010, his diploma was equated with a master’s degree in electronics and computer science.

He started his career in the National Forensic Center, part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as an expert witness in the field of forensic phonetics (instrumental analysis of vocal signals). He later expanded his knowledge and skills to the field of digital forensics – forensic analysis of computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices. He worked on the introduction of a new line of work, designing and forming a department (laboratory) for digital forensics at the National Forensics Center. He is a co-author of several papers published in national journals. He attended international training courses, specializing in the field of digital forensics.

In addition to this engagement at ITS, he currently works as a system engineer at Komercijalna banka – maintaining the existing and introducing new information infrastructure. He also works as a part-time expert witness at the invitation of the court or the prosecutor’s office.