Assistant Director for Research, Development and Cooperation

For a number of years, Vladimir Vuković worked as an associate at the Telecommunications department at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, where he worked on developing electronic assemblies and data transmission devices, mostly within special-purpose projects. In 1986 he earned his BA in electronics from the same faculty. In 1991, he obtained his MA from the Digital Transmission, before earning his PhD in 2012. He has written several scientific papers, two of which have been published in the international IEEE Communications Letters journal.

For over twenty years he worked at the Information System Sector at the National Employment Service, where he significantly contributed to the implementation of technical solutions that have increased performance efficiency, system safety and cost effectiveness (central database formation, integration of fixed, mobile and IP telephony, etc.). He participated in the implementation of one of the largest computer and telecommunications networks in government agencies, which encompassed over 190 nodes and over 2000 workstations accessing a unique central database.