Assistant Education Manager

Svetlana graduated from the Information Systems department at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade. At the same faculty, she completed her specialist and master’s studies. In 2010, she defended her PhD thesis entitled A Supplement to Objective Evaluation of Student Work Using Computer Adaptive Testing at Union University. The paper displays an original model of computer adaptive testing of students, which correlates with the current knowledge level of a student and enables the assessment of the student’s knowledge using an optimal number of questions; a web app has also been implemented based on the thesis using Microsoft technology.

She gained her extensive pedagogical experience at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Applied Studies and the Railway College in Belgrade, where she taught several subjects in the fields of engineering informatics, algorithms and programming and databases.
In 2012 she joined ITS, where she teaches several undergraduate and master’s courses in the area of programming in Microsoft technologies. Since 2015, she has held the position of Assistant Director for Teaching.

Svetlana mentored over 120 final theses. She has published eight textbooks and workbooks in object, visual and web programming and databases. As a result of years of work with students in higher education institutions, and constant study and development in ICT and its application in teaching, she has published over 60 papers in international and local journals, at conferences and symposia. She is a scientific board member in MEST Journal and FBIM Transactions, official journals of the nonprofit organization MESTE (Management Education Science and Technology).

Her area of expertise includes IT, Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) and e-Learning.