Biljana Bajac was born in 1990 in Ljubljana. She graduated from the University of Novi Sad’s Faculty of Technical Sciences at the Department of Graphic Engineering and Design. She completed her master’s studies at the same faculty in 2015, defending her master’s thesis Creating Adaptive Websites with YAML4 CSS Library. Together with the master’s degree in graphic engineering and design, she was awarded the diploma for the best student promoter of her department at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad.  

During studies, she participated in several competitions and displayed works in the field of graphic design and photography in several group exhibitions in the country and abroad. She has been actively engaged in silk painting since 2015, promoting and exhibiting her unique handmade pieces at handicraft fairs.  She was engaged in volunteer work and participated in different environmental protection projects, and by promoting them, acquired skills related to social media marketing (SMM). She was also involved in projects related to graphic and web design for domestic and foreign companies.

Her professional interest is focused on digital media, graphic and web design, as well as web marketing.