Become one of the most sought-after experts and acquire top knowledge in the field of information technologies.

Master’s studies at ITS provide a wide-ranging knowledge of information technologies, including the entire process of software design, development and implementation. You will acquire knowledge in the following fields: cloud computing, data science, Big Data, mobile development, digital forensic science, cryptography, data mining, advanced web technologies, software quality assurance, advanced 3D modeling, etc.

An engineer with a Master’s degree in applied information technologies and systems is able to recognize and analyze issues in the IT field and come up with suitable and acceptable solutions. You will be able to develop an analytical, creative, critical and independent attitude in solving practical problems, dedicated to the task at hand and capable of realizing other project tasks, analyzing conclusions, presenting reports, as well as thinking like engineers and IT specialists.

Market analyses show that there is a high demand for experts in this field, which in turn means that their earnings are also high. With the knowledge and skills acquired in this Master’s program, students will be able to manage projects, design, model and manage complex business systems.

Students will gain advanced knowledge and skills through interactive theoretical instruction, auditory exercises, lab work, practical exercises in a real environment. This is why we organize numerous applied research projects at ITS, and in the premises of our founder companies, LINK group and Comtrade.

At the end of the 2-year Master’s program, students will submit their Master’s thesis as part of an actual project in one of the affiliated companies, while being mentored by ITS professors and experts from the company where the Master’s thesis is being realized.

What will you learn?

The Master’s program at ITS will prepare you for expert work and applied research in the entire process of software design, development and implementation, from initial analysis, planning and design, through testing and coding to software installation and maintenance on site.

In addition, depending on their elected courses students will be introduced to cloud computing, data mining, working with large databases and all forms of mobile development, as well as all aspects of security in information technologies, and modern approaches to 3D modeling and apps, image processing and multimedia, all of which are the latest tools widely used in the field of IT.

What will you get?

Students of the Master’s program at ITS will get high-quality and modern education and training in the theory and practice of information technologies, competences for working with state-of-the-art software tools, preparation and training for working in a real environment, knowledge and competences for applied research in the field of information technologies, business skills, written and oral communication skills, teamwork and skills required to find and secure a job quickly.

Who is the program designed for?

The Master’s program at ITS will provide you with high quality-knowledge and skills in IT, the most sough-after field of business today. After completing this program, you will be able to quickly find a well-paid job in IT, because during Master’s studies, you will learn and work on practical tasks together with distinguished IT professionals.

The most important thing is that this opportunity is available to everyone. After completing your bachelor’s degree in any field, you can apply for enrollment in the Master’s course in applied science in information technologies at ITS.

Best study environment

ITS boasts one of the best equipped facilities where lectures and practical classes are held. We have a modern lecture hall with over 200 seats, containing multimedia boards which can be used in all courses. Over 20 computer laboratories with 487 laptops, 66 of which are Apple computers, are at your disposal.

Our facilities are equipped to enable interactive instruction (auditory-practical combination) in computer labs, through parallel student work in class and independent work during practical classes.

Practical classes are held in laboratories and based on the one student – one computer principle. ITS is affiliated with two prestigious IT companies, LINK group and Comtrade, which ensures quality studies in a modernly equipped campus and surrounded by professionals with years of experience.

Where will you be able to work?

Students who complete the Master’s degree in information technologies at ITS will be able to perform complex tasks from a wide range of IT branches.
After completing the Master’s degree, students can build a career in one of the most desirable and rising industries in the country, working as:

  • Big Data Engineer,
  • Data Architect,
  • Data Scientist,
  • Business Intelligence Analyst,
  • Data Analyst,
  • Data Warehouse Analyst,
  • Cloud Architect,
  • Cloud Software Engineer,
  • Cloud Service Developer,
  • Cloud Consultant,
  • Quality Assurance Engineer,
  • Quality Manager,
  • Quality Analyst,
  • Quality Assurance Manager,
  • iOS Developer,
  • Mobile Application Developer,
  • Android Developer,
  • Digital Forensic Analyst,
  • Computer Forensic Analyst,
  • Core Platform Engineer,
  • DWH/BI Developer,
  • Software Embedded Engineer,
  • Test Engineer,
  • Software Test Analyst,
  • System Analyst – MIS BI and Reporting,
  • Data Miner,
  • Design Project Manager,
  • Graphics Coordinator,
  • 3D Scanning and Modeling Specialist.


After acquiring a Master’s degree, students will be fully capable of designing and developing complex applications for the purpose of online business and network environment in general, both on their own and as part of a team.

Learn more about the curriculum and read the descriptions of courses available in the Master’s program in IT. Choose a study package that best suits your needs and ensure admission in time.